There will be  10 minute free practice then 10 minute qualifying which will be timed, straight after there will be 5 minutes start line practice. The fastest times will determine the gate pick for all the races for that day. Scoring is same as AMCA Championship and via a transponder. You will need an AMCA, Mylaps or Flex transponder
For 2018 we are running a Youth 85cc class for girls aged 11 to 16 on 85cc two stroke or 150cc four stroke, race distance 12 minutes + 1 lap and an Open Elite Adult Class for ladies aged 13 upwards riding 125cc capacity bikes and above race distance 15 minutes + lap. The Youth will race with the Inter Juniors and scored seprately in this first year.
You need to firstly join an AMCA club. If you don't have one near, we have formed our own to make it easier and you can join us. All can be done here Registration .Then you need to register for the Championship and we can then organise AMCA License


Again BelRay Oils are sponsoring the Holeshot Championship. Holeshot prizes will be awarded for each race for both classes with a Championship trophy and prizes at the end of the year for the girl with the most Holeshots through the season.



For 2018, Pro-Active Resolutions is sponsoring the fastest lap Championship for both classes. The winner for each class will be the rider with the most fastest laps and will win a sports watch and trophy at the end of the year.
The Championship prize money will be awarded after the last round. Championship trophes will be awarded at the end of year presentation at the Dirt Bike Show



Trophies will go down to 10th place in each class. Top 5 will receive flowers, top 3 an age appropriate bottle of bubbly.
The Championship is open to all abilities. All riders will treat each other with respect on and off the track. We promote faiplay and  sportsmanship and will not tolerate dangerous or intimidating racing including shouting, panic reving etc. Any infringements should be reported to the BWMA and the Clerk of the Course. If upheld Championship penalties will be enforced.


Once again Westermans International will be giving away a lucky dip so one lucky rider will get a free entry. This will be drawn at the trophy presentation at each round. The winners name will be removed from future draws.


Any critism of the BWMA and its Championship or events should be addressed to the BWMA directly and not posted on social media. Any negative posts on social media without first allowing the BWMA to resolve, prior, during or after registering for any BWMA event or championship gives the BWMA the right to refuse a rider entry to any of our events.
Round 3 Brookthorp
Race Report
Round 3 Brookthorp
Race Report
Round 2 Bushton
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