IMBA team qualification

382MX Works hard to find sponsors and coaching to help our top riders reach their full potential.

The AMCA who facilitate the Championship and assist in travelling expenses and supporting the team.

For the 2018 season we are pleased to announce 'UK Carpbaits' as the principle sponsor of the team. They are providing financial support for travelling expenses for each member.

Westermans International are again providing huge support in addition to the sponsorship of the main British Championship

1st MX are sponsoring our coaching program to help our IMBA team compete at the highest level.

The team for the 2018 campaign are picked from the 2017 BWMA/AMCA British Womens Motocross Championship

2017 British Champion Bethany Farmer will not be competing as she is moving up to the World Championships and 4th place finisher Millie King has retired through injury.

Two wild cards for this year are allowed Chelsea Gowland who was leading the BWMA Championship before injury at the British IMBA round where she finished the highest Brit girl ever with 3rd place, Georgia Ithell will not be competing due to work commitments so the 8th place will be taken by Beth Farmer if her entry to the GP's isn't accepted or the highest placed non IMBA rider from the first round of the BWMA Championship at Grittenham.

All team members must compete in every BWMA round in the 2018 season unless injured. Any rider racing another event instead of the Championship will be taken off the team and forefit their position for the following year unless cleared by the BWMA. Only BWMA Championship riders can compete in IMBA events

The 2018 team

10  Leonni Tighe - Passion Racing Husqvarna
11  Catherine King - MidWest Husqvarna
12  Charlotte Hall - Realising Dreams Honda
14  Eleanor Calby, - [email protected] KTM
15  Ciara Robertson - MX365 KTM
16  Nadiya Jones - Apex, AMS, Control Centre Solutions KTM
17  Chelsea Gowland - Redline Westermans Honda
18  TBC

UK Carp Baits

Principle sponsor of the British Womens IMBA Motocross Team, UK Carp Baits are providing funds to help with the travelling expenses for the team to get to Eurrope

Westermans International

Westermans Internationl are principle sponsor of the British Championships but also have provided additional funding to help support the IMBA Team as well as Coaching for all members of 382MX

1st MX Ltd

One of the biggest motocross companies in the UK 1stMX are providing funds to help support the British Womens IMBA team to help with travelling expenses.