British Womens Motocross Championships

The British Womens Motocross Championships. An 8 round series for the best female motocross racers in the UK. The only series where the top girls can gain European Championship racing experience as a stepping stone to grand prix success by qualifying to represent Great Britain in the IMBA European Ladies Championships.

BWMA Merchandise to support Rider Development

While we try to attract sponsors to help support ours and the girls ambitions, in return we must try and repay our sponsors by giving them as much support as possible for them to sell their products.

On these pages you will be able to buy clothing from GoBrutal along with the BWMA's specific range Motolife by GoBrutal, Sports Nutition and Ducksmart bike cleaning products from our sponsor Rapid-Moto along with BelRay products from our Holeshot sponsor BelRay oils.

When we get more sponsors on board that will support our ambitions we will add them to our list of available merchandise to repay those sponsors for their support. In return consider supporting the BWMA sponsors when you are considering a purchase that can support our sponsors.


Sports Nutrition

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