British Womens Motocross Championships

The British Womens Motocross Championships. An 8 round series for the best female motocross racers in the UK. The only series where the top girls can gain European Championship racing experience as a stepping stone to grand prix success by qualifying to represent Great Britain in the IMBA European Ladies Championships.

There will be four classes for 2019. 65cc Youth girls, 85cc Youth Girls, Amateur Open Adult and Pro Open Adult. The 65cc and 85cc classes will be run together with AMCA Inter Juniors and scored separately. The Adult Pro and Amateur classes will be run together. After round 4 and for the remaining 4 rounds the top 15 at that point will continue to score for the Pro Class Championship, prize money and IMBA team places for the following  year, 16th onwards will compete the final four rounds for their own Amateur Championship title, all points counting from round 1 for each championship.

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Title sponsor of all classes
65cc British Girls Youth Championship
85cc British Girls Youth Championship
Amateur Open British Womens Championship
Pro Open British Womens Championship

Pro Open Ladies
Prize money for the Professional ladies class only.

1st place - £1500.00
2nd place - £1000.00
3rd place - £500.00
4th place - £250.00
5th place - £125.00

Westermans International Ltd
We are pleased to have Westermans International continue their support again for 2019. Providing Championship prizes for all classes.
Our mission is to help a BWMA British Womens Motocross Champion to become Womens World Motocross Champion