Race Information
Race License - AMCA
Club - Join your local AMCA club or The MotoX Club (only for registered BWMA riders) see Registration form.
Registration Fees - £65.00, Loyalty discount £10 for 2017 registered riders, registered before 31/12/17
Entry Fees - One Day £50.00, 2 days £80.00
Scoring - AMCA transponder, Flex, MyLaps Points as AMCA Championship
Entering - You are not automatically entered. Entries must be through the BWMA website ENTER Closing date 1 week before the meeting. The championship races are only open to championship registered riders.
Signing on - Parents or guadians to sign riders on under the age of 18. Riders to sign themselves. All signing on at the BWMA Control Van (Vickies).
Gate Pick - Determined on the results of mornings qualifying. These positions remain for each race on that day, for two day meetings the same applies for qualifying on the Sunday,
This applies to each round.
Races- Elite Adults will race in there own class. 85cc Youth may be run with the Inter Juniors in this first year depending on the amount of Registered Riders, scored seperately
Awards - Trophies down to 10th place for both class with top 5 getting bottle of bubbly and top 3 bouquet of flowers.
Prizes and prize money awarded at the end of the series.
BelRay Holeshot Awards - Awarded after each race. Youth would be awarded to first girl if run with the Inter Juniors.
ProActive Resolutions Fastest Lap Award - Awarded after each race. Championship Watch awarded at the end of the series.