BWMA Ambassador
Natalie Kane
We are so proud to have Great Britains most succesful female motocrosser as our ambassador, Natalie Kane. Natalie has been a Grand Prix competitor for the past five years and a Grand Prix winner.

To compete in womens motocross Natalie has had to travel and compete in the Swedish series becoming Swedish Womens Champion for the past two years. Who knows in future she may be back to compete in the British Championship.

BWMA Ambassador
Natalie's enthusiasm for the sport and our series prompted us to ask her if she would be our ambassador to help inspire the young BWMA girls and encourage them to follow in her footsteps. Without hesitation Natalie agreed and has even offered to compete in at least one or two rounds of the series giving the girls a chance to race with a GP winner.

She has also agreed to do a riding day on the Friday before her round so the BWMA girls can ride with her, talk to her and hopefully get some tips. She even offered to let the older girls ride her works bike. How cool is that? She truly is one of the nicest girls on the professional circuit.

Follow Natalies progress in the GP' with our news up dates.

Massive thanks to Natalie, This is a key part of the BWMA's program of improving womens motocross in the UK.